Subject: A worrying exposé of the criminal justice system that reveals what happens when the desire to gain a conviction comes at any cost.

Simon’s story (not his real name) is a shocking blend of conspiracy and collusion between the Police force and a Crown Prosecutor that begins with an attempt on his life and ends with an 18 year prison sentence, convicted of being the perpetrator instead of the victim of his own intended murder.
On the same day as the shooting, when a used cartridge and a gun are found at the home of the alleged gunman, it looks like an open and shut case.
But what happened next, Simon says, defies belief.

The gun and cartridge implicated his assailants beyond any reasonable doubt in Simon’s attempted murder and this was exactly the leverage the Police and CPS needed. Simon’s assailants were offered a ‘deal’.
In exchange for giving evidence against Simon his assailants were charged with lesser offences and the incriminating evidence was never disclosed. This meant that at Simon’s trial his defence team and crucially, the jury, were not aware of it.

Now a free man, having served 18 years in some of the toughest prisons in the country, Simon is campaigning to have his conviction overturned and to bring to justice those behind the conspiracy to convict him

Access: Simon has exclusively agreed to appear on camera to share his experiences and his vast archive of evidence and documents associated with his case.

Status: This documentary, and potential book project, is currently in development and we will be shortly seeking a commission.
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