Subject: An investigative documentary exploring the infamous murder of Angus Sibbet in 1967, which influenced the cult film ‘Get Carter’.

In March 1967, just three months after the body of Sibbet was found, Michael Luvaglio and Dennis Stafford were found guilty of his murder. No forensics linked the pair with the crime, no motive was put forward at trial and no weapon ever found.
164 witness statements were suppressed at trial that supported the accused, fingerprint evidence showing others had been present at the scene was withheld and it’s very existence was denied for many years.
Although free men now, having served 12 years in prison, Luvaglio and Stafford continue to deny any involvement. Both are now old men and want to clear their names.

The film follows Neil’s 7-year journey that eventually led to a new application to review the conviction at the Criminal Cases Review Commission and a Judicial Review hearing at the High Court.
Fresh evidence, a new motive as well as evidence withheld from the defence at the original trial is discussed. The Krays, American Mafia and other serious organised crime is linked to the case and as a result of the murder, UK gaming laws were changed and foreign ‘undesirables’ were deported.
We also see the effect the conviction has had on the lives of the two convicted men and the frustrations experienced when trying to re-open a historic case that for half a century the establishment has tried to suppress .

Access: Both Michael Luvaglio and Dennis Stafford appear exclusively in this documentary about the case. Others appearing include Peter Hughman, Professor Ian Wright, Stephen Knight QC, Durham Constabulary Police & Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg and Neil Jackson.
A wealth of personal documents and photos belonging to Luvaglio and Stafford are available for use as well as a huge archive of case documentation, newspaper reports, statements and scenes of crime photos.

Status: This documentary, and potential book project, is currently in development and we will be shortly seeking a commission.
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